1210 Taper Lock Bushing Taper Bush 1210 X 38mm Bore

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Taper-Lock bushing sizes are defined by a 4-digit number representing two numbers. The first two digits represent the maximum bore diameter, and the last two represent the bushing length. For example, product number 1008 has a maximum bore diameter of 1.0″ and an overall length of 0.8.”
Imperial hole sizes are expressed as a whole number of inches followed by a fraction. For example, a 1.5″ diameter hole is 1-1/2. Metric hole sizes are marked “MM” after the metric size (X 25MM). These bushings are easy to install and remove, and these bushings are flush with tapered bushing sprockets Flat and pulley. Bushing contacts and wedges inward, gripping shaft and bore of sprocket. Bushing has an 8° taper and is made of steel with a black oxide coating.


Bushing Size 2517
Bore Type Finished w/ Keyway
Bore Diameter 2.4375 in – 2-7/16 in
Keyway Size 5/8 x 5/16 in
Outside Diameter 3-3/8 in
Length Through Bore 1.75
Material Steel
Screw Torque 430.0000 in – 430 in
Maximum Hub Outside Diameter 5-1/2 in, 4-7/8 in, 4-3/8 in
Bolt Circle Diameter 3.2500 in – 3-1/4 in
Number of Bolt Holes 2
Screw Thread Size 1/2-13 in

Features of Taper Bush

◆ Separated by a tapered flange, it provides a true clamp fit on the shaft, equivalent to a shrink fit.
◆ Allows the shaft to be mounted close to the bearing, maintaining a small load center size while preventing high overhung load problems.
◆ Pre-drilled holes and keyways to match the required shaft diameter and keyway size
◆ Manufactured from precision cast iron and machined to a high-quality finish
◆ Generic product image is shown, and multiple bushing sizes are available